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VLC Media Player 4.0.0 Beta

VLC Media Player 4.0.0 Beta


VLC is a free and open source cross-stage mixed media player and system that plays most sight and sound records just as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and different spilling conventions. Adaptation 4.0 presents another UI, media library program, VR support, 3D video help, and modified video yield capacities. This new form additionally presents new rendering pipeline for sound, with better effiency, volume and gadget the executives, to improve VLC sound help. 

Backing for some, new gadgets sources of info, organizations, and metadata have been presents alongside cutting edge codecs. For captions in VLC you can download VLSub. 



Revamped sound center, permitting better volume and gadget the board. 

Revise of the sound modules, to adjust to the new center. 

Right help for multi-direct designs in all organizations: 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 

New sound yields for Windows Vista, Android, iOS, OpenBSD and OSSv4. 

New remapping, increase, stereo broadening, downmixing impacts. 

Higher samplerate, exactness, live setup in the center. 

Various new sound metadata configuration upheld. 


Port the OpenGL yield to OpenGL ES. 

Bolster shading change shaders in glsl on Android and iOS. 

New yields for OpenMax IL on versatile and Decklink Blackmagic. 

New video yields for iOS utilizing OpenGL ES2. 

Backing for deinterlacing for higher piece profundity and XYZ colorspace. 

New anaglyph channel for one next to the other 3D. 

4K-prepared :) 


Include equipment translating for OS X utilizing VDADecoder. 

Include equipment deciphering for Android utilizing MediaCodec. 

Include equipment deciphering for GNU/Linux utilizing VDPAU. 

Include equipment encoding for Windows utilizing Intel QuickSyncVideo. 

Backing for G2M4, MSS1, MSS2, TSCC2, CDXL, Ut, VBLE video codecs. 

Backing for Ulead DV sound, Indeo Audio Coder, RealAudio Lossless sound. 

Backing for SCTE-27 and complete EIA-608 captions. 


Backing for divided MP4, Wave/RF64 documents. 

Broadened metadata labels and spread workmanship support in Ogg, AVI, MP4 and MKV. 

Backing FLAC, Atrac, ADPCM, DV Type 1, 12bits DV sound in AVI. 

Broadened support for AVI, MKV and MJPEG streams. 

Better recording of AVI and MKV group. 

Sound fingerprinting utilizing AcoustID. 

Information and Devices 

Backing for screen contribution on OSX Lion and later. 

Backing for Microsoft Smooth Streaming, created by 

New RTMP input module, utilizing libavformat! 

Backing for VNC/rfb and Remote Desktop see just modes. 

Significant enhancements for Blu-Ray, Dash, v4l2 and HTTP inputs. 

New AVFoundation OS X and shm framebuffer inputs. 

For Anime fans 

New 6.1 downmixer to 5.1 and Stereo from MKV/Flac 6.1. 

Right YUV->RGB shading lattice in the OpenGL shaders. 

Improved MKV support for looking for, and resiliancy. 

Versions support in MKV. 

Better captions and metadata support from MKV. 

Different ASS captions upgrades. 

For Mobile 

Port to Android, from 2.1 to 4.3, on ARMv6, ARMv7, x86 and MIPS. 

New port to iOS, from iOS 5 to 7, on all iPads and iPhones after 3GS. 

Incomplete port to WinRT, for Windows 8, 8.1 and WP8. 

OpenGL ES streamlined yields. 

Upgrades of OpenMAX IL decoders, encoders and renderers. 

New sound, video yields and interfaces for mobiles. 

For engineers 

libVLC and most modules are presently LGPLv2.1+. 

libVLC media system would now be able to be utilized in a wide range of uses. 

libVLC SDK bundles currently exists, notwithstanding more models. 

Improved libVLC API, for better control. 

VLC's web modules presently bolster austere mode, for smoother incorporation with HTML components. 

What's happening: 

Added download connections to VLC 3.0.7

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